This is for an hour to an hour & a half session. We can meet in person, by phone or via skype/facebook messenger. Appointment will be scheduled by email. Please connect with me to arrange our session.


Vibrational Shifting/Light Code Activations

A channeled energetic process that clears blocks, repeating patterns, cellular memory and old karmic issues. Working with Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the beautiful beings of LIGHT whom I channel - you are guided through the process of clearing your energy centers and subtle bodies while opening to the higher realms of frequency and light. Throughout the session, I am intuitively guided to the areas and issues that need releasing. Your own personal Light Codes are activated, and your DNA is adjusted and healed - opening you to higher understanding & awareness. After all the clearing is done, a connection/alignment with your own Divine Light - your higher self - is facilitated. This is a very high vibrational LIGHT ATTUNEMENT and you will feel a powerful SHIFT. You walk away feeling lighter, aligned and flowing with LIGHT. There is often times a level of clarity not felt before. This is for a private session of this Intuitive Vibrational Shifting alignment.


Are you ready to jump start your awakening & open to the JOY & Synchronicity that ultimately guides you on your path.



Intuitive Vibrational Shifting/Light Codes Session


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