This is for an hour to an hour & a half reading. We can meet in person, by phone or via skype/facebook messenger. Appointment will be scheduled by email. Please connect with me to arrange our session.


In my intuitive readings, I focus on the energy in you and around you while receiving messages from your Higher Self, your Guides & the Universal Divine. No two readings are alike and I never know what will be revealed. Prior to meeting with you, I meditate and connect with your Higher Self & Guides and channel information that is intended to help you understand where you are in this moment and where you are heading based on your energetic frequency. Often times blocks or stuck energy will be revealed for you to focus on, as well as direct messages for your growth and expansion as a spiritual being. I am not a fortune teller,and I do not believe I know better than you. This is deep healing information to help you open to change and to growth. All of us have the ability to tap into our own innate wisdom for guidance. When one is not yet fully connected or used to listening for this guidance, I can offer my gift of being able to connect & hear messages coming in from the LIGHT to hopefully help you find your purpose/path to ultimately align with your own inner wisdom and awareness.

Each reading is completely unique because each of you beautiful beings is unique. I am ALWAYS focused on the LIGHT and bringing in the information for YOU that will help you find your purpose, your path, your truth, your highest good. This is my purest intention.


Are you ready to jump start your awakening & open to the JOY & Synchronicity that ultimately guides you on your path.



Intuitive Reading


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