Vibrational Shifting - Raising your Vibrational Awareness & Aligning with Divine Self.  Digital MP3 files of my Vibrational Shifting CD. An introduction plus three guided healing journeys. Vibrational Shifting, Pillar of Light and Higher Self Alignment. Clear blocks, open yourself to the light and connect with your Higher Self.

Digital Vibrational Shifting CD

  • What purchasers are saying about this CD

    “I received the CD yesterday in the mail. So exciting!!! I listened to it today and I must say it is totally amazing. It is so beautifully done and the meditations are just what I need. I feel they will be an important tool for me as I move through this adventure. I just noticed how totally grounded I feel and there is excitement as well."

    Thank you for your beautiful work. I am feeling loved and blessed.”


    “Tamra your meditations are excellent! Of course they are just what I have been looking for. Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts!”

    “I used Tamra’s meditation CD last night and it is truly one of the best guided meditations I have ever done. Beautiful, deep, aligned, relaxing and simply powerful! It is a blessing to have this amazing tool. 
    Thank-you Tamra for sharing your gifts!”