11:11 StarLIGHT Streaming Event 


15 minutes a day to feel clearer and more connected!  Starts November 11 @ 11am.


What you will get:  11 days of healing & alignment

  • Live Zoom on 11-11 @ 11am – to kick off this powerful event – with a guided opening journey to see where you are energetically.

  • 11 x 15-minute pre-recorded mp3 sessions to practice connecting & aligning

  • PDF Guide with insights & guidance during this process, plus journaling prompts for deeper awareness.

  • Live Zoom on 11-22 @ 7:00 pm – with a guided journey to see how much your energy has transformed. 

  • It's the ultimate before & after!

  • Both Zoom sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend the LIVE. All mp3’s to be stored on my website in the membership portal.


I am so excited to share the LIGHT with each of you beautiful souls as we step into the vibration of AWARENESS.

Energy exchange: $111


Click here to sign up:

NEW StarLight Sessions -



 These individual private sessions include a guided healing to align with the waves of light intensifying during 2020 & beyond – as well as intuitive insights to help with the integration. You will experience upgraded DNA, an opening up to your own divine Light Codes and the reclaiming of your sovereignty as a BEING OF LIGHT. This Vibrational Shift will lighten your load and help you feel more clarity - opening a portal of deeper understanding of yourself & path. This is POWERFUL LIGHTWORK and your intention to connect is all that is needed.


If your heart is pulled to this light-filled experience, please contact me via Facebook messenger or through my email at


Location: ON LINE ONLY