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NEW LIGHT STREAM WORKSHOPS – starting in the FALL 2021 – Dates to be announced

Raising your Vibration

Opening to your Higher Self

Awakening your LIGHT CODES for Ascension

The Divine Feminine Energy

NEW LightWork Sessions - ONLINE ONLY


 These individual private sessions include a guided healing to align with the waves of light intensifying during 2020 & beyond – as well as intuitive insights to help with the integration. You will experience upgraded DNA, an opening up to your own divine Light Codes and the reclaiming of your sovereignty as a BEING OF LIGHT. This Vibrational Shift will lighten your load and help you feel more clarity - opening a portal of deeper understanding of yourself & path. This is POWERFUL LIGHTWORK and your intention to connect is all that is needed.


If your heart is pulled to this light-filled experience, please contact me via Facebook messenger or through my email at


Location: ON LINE ONLY