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Channeling the highest resonance  


to help awaken

and transform

the human experience.

"My sessions with Tamra have helped me come back

to myself, my true nature - grounded, at peace

and in the moment. I am given the tools to go

back there whenever I choose to. Pure love."

No One is YOU . . . and THAT is your POWER.
I am calling all those who are AWAKENING -  all Star Seeds,
Way Showers, Light Workers & Divine Cosmic Humans -
I am reaching out to each of you. You are not alone.

I SEE YOU.  I HONOR YOU. I SUPPORT your journey -
knowing how hard it is to express your truth in a space where dense energies try to dim your sparkling LIGHT. The world
is changing. The LIGHT is flooding in. Together we can open
up to infinite possibilities as you rediscover YOUR unique
gifts and Authentic Path.  
You are UNIQUE. And you
have a mission, a purpose that only YOU can do.

 WE ARE GATHERING  -  and OUR collective unified LIGHT
will create a beautiful community of StarLIGHTS to help
shift our beloved Earth into the new age of UNITY & LOVE.

coming together.jpg

I offer sacred spaces for you to merge
into your multidimensional wholeness - and to awaken your LIGHT.

You are a powerful creator - A being of immense LIGHT.
You HAVE BEEN BROUGHT here - in this NOW moment -
to be reminded of this truth. This is why you have found your way here - to reconnect with the truth within.

Channeled from the StarLIGHT Beings - tamra dorsey

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