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I have been doing Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing work for the past 18 years, first in California and now here in Nova Scotia. I am able to work with people from all over the world on the phone/video - as well as in person and am able to connect with  your guides & the divine source to give you the information you need to begin or continue on your journey of awakening & finding your true path.

In my intuitive readings, I focus on the energy in you and around you while receiving messages from your Higher Self, your Guides & the Universal Divine. No two readings are alike and I never know what will be revealed. Prior to meeting with you, I meditate and connect with your Higher Self & Guides and bring in information that is intended to help you understand where you are in this moment and where you are heading based on your energetic frequency. Often times blocks or stuck energy will be revealed for you to focus on, as well as direct messages for your growth and expansion as a spiritual being. I am not a fortune teller,and I do not believe I know better than you. This is deep healing information to help you open to change and to growth. All of us have the ability to tap into our own innate wisdom for guidance. When one is not yet fully connected or used to listening for this guidance, I can offer my gift of being able to connect & hear messages coming in from the LIGHT to hopefully help you find your purpose/path to ultimately align with your own inner wisdom and awareness.
Each reading is completely unique because each of you beautiful beings is unique. I am ALWAYS focused on the LIGHT and bringing in the information for YOU that will help you find your purpose, your path, your truth, your highest good. This is my purest intention.


Are you ready to jump start your awakening & open to the JOY & Synchronicity that ultimately guides you on your path. 


What clients are saying:

"I've had readings with Tamra for over 10 years now and each and every time I get one, it is spot on.  I never let her know what’s going on.  She is always picking up on the energy around me and I must say, it’s like she is sitting on my shoulder and in my heart. Her delightful way of communicating what her guides share with her about me is truly uncanny and I always walk away with more insights, a clearer direction and a calmer sense of being.  Thank you Tamra for your wisdom, your gifts and for sharing them with all of us!  Many blessings to you." 


“Tamra is a loving, supportive guide. During my reading she reintroduced me to parts of myself that I had long forgotten and areas that needed attention. Her gentle guidance has led me on a path of self discovery and healing that continues to impact my life each and every day.”   

“Tamra is an angel here on earth. Her readings always shed light on what is to come, as if she can read my thoughts.  This gives me peace of mind when I am about to make major changes in my life.  She is life saving...!!!”  

“Tamra’s reading in May 2015 was my first, I had no idea what to expect. Her kind and caring energy put me at ease & the spiritual guidance I received  brought me clarity and direction. I have been back for a second reading and will continue to do so as I feel the need.“  

"Hidden throughout our beautiful Annapolis Valley there are many "gems".... and Tamra Dorsey shines brightly among them! Her spirit, compassion for all life, her love for all beings precedes her, and invites you to be in her presence. Tamra offers a unique channeling from our Spirit Guides that is so amazing! Every word she offers is full of messages and meaning. The feelings through a session are safe, supportive and peaceful. Through her gentle, loving heart, Tamra has a way of offering the information she receives clearly, with wisdom and humor mixed.  The guidance I received spoke to me exactly where I was, answered questions I had, were totally there where I was in the moment. The information I received through Tamra I have re-read many times, and each time I am once again "spot-on" were the messages. Speaking to areas of my life which I struggle with, offering ideas and clarity as to where to go from here. I always feel blessed to spend time in Tamra's presence. Her laughter, her light, her joy of life are truly inspiring. My feeling is that we are all here to fulfill our life's purpose, sometimes getting lost or confused, it is a gift to have Tamra in our midst, to channel messages we need to hear to continue our journey. Taking from her what we need to guide us along the path. Beyond us is a knowing of our true purpose, being able to tap into that knowing......a blessing. Tamra is a bright, shining...."gem" in our midst!​"       

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