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My Intention & Path


I AM a Multidimensional Intuitive & Channel for the

StarLIGHT Beings and Creator of Vibrational Shifting - I am sharing my passion for creating a LIGHT-filled life by helping you find your own truth through the healing of your energetic bodies and the opening of your awareness. My Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings are lovingly facilitated by Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron & the beautiful Beings of Light who flow through my heart.


My purest desire is to radiate LIGHT and assist you in discovering YOUR OWN TRUE LIGHT ESSENCE.

I'm so excited that you found my website - all those who arrive here are definitely guided and here for a reason. My biggest lesson on this journey has been leaning into the awareness that it is all about TRUST. Trust in myself and what is opening for me in each moment. Part of that is YOU - as I'm here as a guide to help you remember who you are & why you came here.

When I question myself, I am reminded that showing up authentically and sharing my gifts with others is what I am meant to do. It’s what we are all here for. Whether it’s for one person or many. I feel this truth in every cell in my being. Our collective & individual purpose is to shine our light out into the world. So, even when it’s not being acknowledged, you make a difference - Your light makes an imprint on everything around you. Don’t ever discount your contribution to this world.

Keep showing up. Be brave & share your unique light.

My path opened for me in my early 20's when I went through a traumatic experience - and my world was turned upside down. I realized that I had forgotten myself and had been creating a life that was based on a version of myself that I didn't even recognize. 

My awakening was intense. I studied Reiki - got my master level in my 20's and that opening propelled me into channeling, deep meditation and inner journeying. I studied with Doreen Virtue and connected deeply with the Angelic Realm - while the galactic aspects of my soul began to expand and show up in my readings & inner exploration. I have gone through many transformations during the past 40 years. Having just turned 60 this year, I realize that change is important, powerful and necessary in order to expand - living in a static way will keep you from the spiritual growth that has always been my truest passion. My tenacity has to be a trait that was chosen for me - in order to keep coming back into the deeper parts of myself - and for that I am most grateful.

Looking back into my childhood I can see how my inner knowing & the connection with my angels and guides was evident and powerful - as I experienced out-of-body travel and spirit visitors often. But when I talked about it, it was ignored - there was fear surrounding it and so I tucked it away - until my 20's when I had my full awakening. It was the mid-eighties and even though I lived in California - I received resistance from many - my family thought I need an intervention because they thought I might be loosing my mind.  But I TRUSTED and continued to expand and explore - sharing my ability to channel information & energy with clients throughout the years.

In 2009, my husband and two sons left Los Angeles, Ca to live in rural Nova Scotia - a move I questioned, but trusted fully. My guidance wanted us to follow the energy to a place that wasn't so chaotic and where we would be safe to grow our gifts. It was harder than I imagined but I wouldn't be doing what I am today if I hadn't taken this path.

The StarLIGHT energies began showing up just after the shift in 2012. These 9th -11th dimensional beings who flow through my channel are both angelic & galactic master healers and soul guides. They are powerful creator beings who work within the energy vortex that I hold on this plane - to help us clear old blocks and programing so that we are able to hold more light in our bodies. This NEW energetic template that is coming in requires us to let go of the old ways and open to the higher DNA coding and LIGHT influx - It's a NEW crystalline system and we are evolving.

This is why I am here. To bring in the new light (information) and help us all anchor it in this reality. When we do this we are literally healing the world - and opening up the bridge to a new earth. 

We are already transforming and as we are going through this process it can be confusing and scary - fears come up to be released, your foundation is shifting and your vibration/how your physical body feels changes intensely. Through my One-on-One and group Sessions, we are able to find clarity, lighten density and open up to the higher awarenesses that are embedded within our own unique codex. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING and if you are here - seeking expansion and answers from within - I will show up for you. I will hold the space and bring in the energy for this healing to happen. The only requirement is that you are ready, willing to go deeper and open your heart and awareness to the influx of energy coming in. Your authentic self will show up in that place and you will be guided into your own self awareness and connection with higher self.



My Experience:


Working with crystals & gemstones creating high vibrational jewelry, intention-setting grids along with powerful guided healing journeys to shift your vibration and create inspiration + healing. 


Working to transform & expand human consciousness while lighting the path for others.



Receiving clear, high-vibrational messages from your higher self as well as the Angelic/Galactic Realms, Guides & the Divine Source to help you find answers and direction on your journey. All while holding the frequency of the highest LIGHT to help you facilitate true healing and alignment.


Certified by Karen Montano, CSU, CCH - Clearing trauma & old ancestral patterns/karmic imprints through the cellular programming.


REIKI MASTER  - Channeling energy to assist in healing body & spirit


Certified by Doreen Virtue, PHD  & The American Board of Hypnotherapy

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