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Vibrational Shifting
A channeled energetic process that clears blocks, repeating patterns, cellular memory and old karmic issues. Working with Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the beautiful beings of LIGHT whom I work with - you are guided through the process of clearing your energy centers and subtle bodies while opening to the higher realms of frequency and light. Throughout the session, I am intuitively guided to the areas and issues that need releasing. Your own personal Light Codes are activated, and your DNA is adjusted and healed - opening you to higher understanding & awareness. After all the clearing is done, a connection/alignment with your own Divine Light - your higher self - is facilitated. This is a very high vibrational LIGHT ATTUNEMENT and you will feel a powerful SHIFT. You walk away feeling lighter, aligned and flowing with LIGHT. There is often times a level of clarity not felt before. I offer private sessions of this Intuitive Vibrational Shifting  alignment, Group Healing Experiences to share the LIGHT and have recorded Guided Healing Journeys to help you to continue the process at home - deepening your connections and aligning with the LIGHT BEING that you truly are.
What  clients are saying about my healing sessions and group Vibrational Shifting workshops:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful day on Saturday! I truly enjoyed every moment. I could listen to your voice all day. It was a lot to think about but if anything it has made me more "mindful" of myself. This is something I will definitely try and practice. I am noticing that since Saturday, I see everything so clearly, crisp and fresh, colorful, vibrant and beautiful - it's like I have a new contact prescription!"

"I thought I should let you know since we recently had the workshop on Raising our Vibration - that day was absolutely amazing for me and I feel we are so very blessed to have a lightworker like you in our midst. I am so grateful to have met you and I just want to say think you for your willingness to share your gifts with me/us!"

"Thank you for one of the most powerful weekend that I have ever experienced! You are such a beautiful person and I feel honored to know you."

"You did such a wonderful job presenting all the information and guiding us through the workshop. I was so happy to meet you in person."

"Thank you for sharing Tamra! I am so grateful for the opportunity. I'm looking forward to bringing my LIGHT into the week."

"There was so much great information that you shared and the notes you gave obviously took a lot of time and learning to compile. the workshop was so helpful and I love going through my notes and yours. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have taken this one."

"I was thrilled to meet you in person and thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. The results from raising my vibration have been interesting and exciting so far. It was a happy, healing, peaceful, loving and light-filled day for sure!"

"Your guidance has had a tremendous effect on me already and I eagerly look forward to peeling back more layers in discovery of that which I am. I can't begin to tell you how very grateful I am to have been included is such a special gathering and to you for sharing your time so generously."

Vibrational Shifting Crystal Essences 
These powerful Crystal Essences have been specially designed to provide energetic support - helping you to raise & maintain positive vibrational alignment.  Infused with white light, the loving/healing energy of the crystals and sacred geometry - they work on your energetic bodies (spiritual, mental , emotional) gently helping you to continue to stay in alignment. The frequency of the essences resonates with the higher realms of light and will alter your vibration into a higher level. This is your truth. You are made of PURE LIGHT.
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Vibrational Shifting

Guided Healing CD

Using these guided meditations - along with clear and defined intentions - will activate your higher awareness and raise your vibration, that frequency that you emanate to the world. You attract what you focus on and taking the time to shift your vibration into the light will awaken the power you already have to create your amazing life!

1. INTRODUCTION - Introduces the listener to Vibrational Shifting and the process of using these meditations. Informative and clear, it will give you the basis for understanding the processes and how to use these powerful sessions.

2. VIBRATIONAL SHIFTING - Using your intention and awareness, clear your chakras of old energy and blockages while aligning with your highest vibration. Shift into the LIGHT.

3. PILLAR OF LIGHT - Learn how to open to the light and create a powerful pillar of LIGHT at the core of your energetic body. This will help keep you clear and strong in your connection and intention.

4. HIGHER SELF ALIGNMENT - Follow a beautiful journey that connects you to your Higher Self and the LIGHT. Soak up the LOVE & LIGHT during this powerful session.

My essences have been created in small batches with the highest intentions for the advancement of all beings.
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